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Details of Tools & Plants
1. Concrete Batching Plant 1 No.
2. Concrete Pump 1 No.
3. Concrete Mixture Machine (Three set with weigh batch system) 6 Nos.
4. Vibrators 10 Nos.
5. Escort JCB (Excavators) 2 Nos.
6. Dumpers 2 Nos.
7. Tractor 1 No.
8. Shuttering Material (Heavy duty Steel Plates, water proof ply, M.S. Jack's/Prop's to Support 40,000 Sqft. of Slab Area) As per requirement.
9. Mobile Tower Crane (18 Mt. Lengths & 24 Mt. Heights) 1 No. (Remote operated crane)
10. Winch Elevator 2 Nos.
11. Earth Compactor 2 Nos.
12. Marble Cutter 5 Nos.
13. Grinding Machine 6 Nos.
14. Tremix Flooring Machine 1 No. (Vacuum dewatering system)
15. D.G. Set 1 No.
16. Shawls, Fawara & etc. As per requirement of the Project.
17. Mini Trucks 2 Nos.
Fully Equipped setup for Construction lab is established at site, which includes Cubes Testing Machine, Sieve analysis set for sand and aggregate, Vicat apparatus for cement Testing , Slump test apparatus.
Tools & Tackles
1. Engineering woks shop (Shed area 14000sqft.)
2. Welding Machine 25 Nos.
3. Gas Cutter 10 Nos.
4. Rolling Machine 2 Nos.
5. Grinder 10 Nos.
6. Bending Machine Capable of bending - 25mm thick plate
7. Drill Machine 3 Nos.
8. Lath Machine 3 Nos.
9. Shaffer Machine 2 Nos.
10. Erection Machine 6 Nos.
Contractors Udaipur
Residencial Complex Udaipur
Our tools includes:
Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Concrete Pump, Concrete Mixture Machine, Vibrators, Escort JCB (Excavators), Dumpers, Tractor, Shuttering Material, Mobile Tower Crane, Winch Elevator, Earth Compactor, Marble Cutter, Grinding Machine, Tremix Flooring Machine, D.G. Set & etc., Welding Machine, Gas Cutter, Rolling Machine, Grinder, Bending Machine, Drill Machine, Lath Machine, Shaffer Machine and Erection Machine.
The manpower consists of Welders, Fitters, Lath Operators, Shaffer Operators, Electricians and Erectors.
Builders Company Udaipur
The company matches with the strength of the best corporate management and first-class technical expertise with the flexibility and responsiveness of a strong local presence. We are now recognized as a spearheading force in engineering construction.

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Quality is our prime concern and an integral part of our working operations. We believe in providing super quality services and that is why our clients have an exceptional confidence on us. Our service is beyond any comparison and it bears the high standard of quality. We have been able to acquire a constant growth within the working area.
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